About the Summit

The goal of the HeadStarter Network’s annual Early Childhood Innovation Summit is to disseminate new ideas, processes, and technologies to drive quality in early childhood development and education.

How might we replicate and scale innovative ideas and practices so they become integrated into program operations? In essence, how do you discover concepts that might increase your program’s effectiveness and impact in both big and small ways?

Join fellow practitioners from all early learning communities and “disruptors” or unlikely collaborators from the worlds of technology, business, and academia for the 2019 Early Childhood Innovation Summit. We’ll explore bleeding edge ideas through interactive sessions focused on current and future innovations that we can put into practice in early child. You’ll learn from experts about developments in technology that will ignite changes in your program and enable children, families and staff to flourish.

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Day 1: Learn.

  • When will Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Early Ed become the “Superfuture” of Humanity?

  • Innovation Strategery: Unleash the Innovation Fire Within (Design Thinking Workshop)

  • Secrets of Millennial Parents: What do they want and why do they want it ?

  • CQI Lessons from Lemontree: the Blue Apron for vulnerable families

Day 2: Innovate.

  • Reimagining How We Deliver the Promise of ECE .

  • Not All Innovation Is Technology: Hacking Challenging Behaviors, Enrollment, and Workforce with low tech solutions

  • Your Data on Blockchain: Own, Use & Protect It

  • Innovator Studio

Day 3: Lead.

  • The Race to Capture What Matters in Early Childhood (Session description: As Artificial Intelligence sweeps into every aspect of our lives, who will be the safekeeper of our children’s brain development?)

  • Market or Park It? (Using the wisdom of crowds explore whether there is a market for your idea for a new ECE product or service or it should be destined for the parking lot)


Contact Taylor Bohn at tbohn@nhsa.org.