Head Start was born out of a spirit of interdisciplinary thinking and disruptive innovation in 1965, and it is this very spirit that we want to apply to advancing the field of early childhood education. Our goal with the HeadStarter Network is to facilitate collaborations, experiments, research, products, services, and ventures between Network members: practitioners, alumni, corporate partners, academia, venture philanthropy, and foundations.



The HeadStarter Network serves as a forum for knowledge exchange among early childhood education practitioners as well as with other industries and sectors. We are keen to take the best practices and innovations of Head Start’s more than 50 years, as the nation’s largest “living early learning laboratory”, and combine them with the latest scientific insights on early learning as well as the disruptive potential of technology innovations.

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A pioneer in early childhood education for vulnerable children and their families, Head Start can inspire future generations of innovators. The HeadStarter Network is a community for anybody curious and poised to explore and impact the future of early learning.


1. We catalyze and disseminate new ideas, processes, and technologies to increase quality in early childhood education.


  • Hackathons, Early Childhood Innovation Summit, Innovators Community
  • Big disruptions (Innovation Prize) and little nudges (networked learning)

2. We foster intentional innovations that result in new products and process improvements.


  • Workforce development and attendance

3. We partner with forward-focused organizations, such as corporate and academic partners and social enterprises.


  • Ideate, explore, develop, and pilot new ideas, products, and processes